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Amy Tan Thesis (immigrants)

             The thesis I am going to be focusing on in this report is the difference between 1st generation Chinese-Americans and 2nd generation Chinese-Americans. My thesis is from the novel, The Joy Luck Club. Even though I have chosen this as my Thesis, doesn't mean there aren't several different thesis's in The Joy Luck Club. The Joy Luck Club has a great deal of thesis, more then most books because of it's multi-perspective form and because of the fragmented and discontinuous text and possibilities of connection across segments.
             Before I talk too much about my thesis, I will provide the reader with a brief summary of what The Joy Luck Club is about. The Joy Luck Club revolves around four families, primarily the relationships between the mothers and the daughters. Each of the four mothers are new to America, and thus are 1st generation Chinese-Americans. These four mandarin speaking Chinese families and American born daughters create the Joy Luck Club. Each of the four mothers in the story has different views of China. This is done to illustrate different versions of China throughout the story.
             There are still several other possible thesis's that could be used, but I"m going to use There are significant differences between1st generation Chinese-Americans and 2nd generation Chinese-Americans. The reason that there are so many different thesis's are mainly in part to the way The Joy Luck Club was written. The Joy Luck Club was .
             written from different perspectives and the text would often discontinue itself and leaves several possible connections with later segments of text. .
             There are some differences between Chinese-American immigrants to the United States and other immigrants to the United States. Some of the differences are in the culture of the people, which will be discussed later. Some of the similarities however are that the 1st generation immigrants do not feel so comfortable in this country because they most likely do not speak the language so well and most Americans expect you to speak in a standard form of English.

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