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World Religions and Homosexuality

             One of the biggest topics of debate that has arisen in the Christian religion as well .
             The main concern is whether or not each religion .
             accepts homosexuality depending on the beliefs of each one's books and God's. Even .
             though this is a sensitive subject various religions have attempted to answer it and .
             somewhat provide proof on why they say that. This topic has been difficult for not only .
             religions in general but also within one religion.
             Christianity is one of those religions that are divided on this subject. This is .
             because there are several denominations within this religion. The liberal wing of .
             Christianity is the most lenient of all. The liberals believe that gays should be accepted .
             and should have the same rights as heterosexuals. They also feel that gays can be .
             ordained as priests and serve in ministries. The liberals feel that they are not sinners .
             unless they are not celibate.
             Then, there is the Conservative wing of Christianity which disagrees with the .
             liberal wing. The conservatives believe that gays are sinners and that they are a perversion .
             and are offending God. Since the conservative's feel that way they think that .
             discrimination is justified in any way.
             These are just two of the several branches of Christianity. This is to show that a .
             real answer hasn't yet been reached in Christianity. But, of the different wings there is .
             usually one main point that stands out. Most branches feel that gays are not sinners if they remain celibate.
             Islam is one of the religions that have an answer on the subject and don't have to .
             many people contradicting what it was they have decided. The view on the subject by the .
             Islamic religion is that homosexuality is wrong and heterosexuality is right. The Islam .
             religion feels this way because they feel that a man is not born gay but becomes one .
             because of their environments. .
             Another reason why they feel that homosexuality is wrong is because it has been .

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