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Reactions to Foreign Domination in China and Japan

            China and Japan were both victims of imperialism. Although the countries are close together and have certain cultural ties, the way they each reacted to foreign domination was quite different. China was more focused on getting rid of the white imperialists as soon as possible through violence. Japan on the other hand did not show as much resistance, instead it adopted the ideas and technologies of the at that time superior Western nations.
             China profited admirably from the trading, with the British being their biggest customers for the tea trade. The British then added a new twist to the trade; they started importing opium from India into China. The use of opium took off like a rocket in China, soon it became a serious issue for the Chinese government, which then instituted measures to try and stop it. This decision eventually led to two Opium Wars, China was no match for British military superiority and was badly defeated. Following from the Second Opium War, China was forced to open ports to foreign trade and residents and cede Hong Kong and Kowloon to Britain. China opposed European domination in a form of violent uprisings including the Boxer rebellion. .
             Saint Francis Xavier arrived in Japan during the mid sixteenth century. He began converting Japanese into Christians. The Japanese authorities saw this as a form of European cultural colonialism. In retaliation, the Japanese government refused permission to foreign nations to land in Japan. A further series of Japanese edicts forbade any Japanese from traveling abroad, and also the building of any large ships. The study of any White literature of any sort was also forbidden. In 1853, the American government sent Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, who arrived in Japan with a squadron of ships. Following extended negotiations, Perry and representatives of the emperor signed a treaty in March 1854, establishing trade relations between the United States and Japan.

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