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            David in the novel The Chrysalids is the main character. He learns at a very young age that he is different from most people his age. He has the ability of though shapes, which allows him to take in shapes and interpret them into words and receive a message. It is like mind reading. The only difference is that he can receive them from the people who have the same ability but he cannot receive them form any random person. This ability causes many problems for David. David is able to overcome isolation form his family, face his enemies courageously and is willing to adapt to a new culture. .
             David, the main character in the novel The Chrysalids, is isolated from his family because he is different from them. He overcomes this isolation by finding others like him. David is able to think in thought shapes and he finds 8 others from the Town of Waknuk who can do the same. This helps him feel that he is not alone and that he is like others. David has an uncle Axel, who knows about Davids thought shapes and about the other 8 people. David can talk to him and it helps him understand his difference and help him overcome it. Petra, David's sister, can also think in thought shapes. This helps David feel he his closer to someone in his family because she is like him. David feels isolated and threatened from the Waknuk community because of his differences and he must face his enemies courageously. .
             David, overtime, gains many enemies because of his difference. The community was his biggest enemy because he feels isolated from them. The people of Waknuk are all the same and David is different. David faces his enemy by living with then for most of his life and he had a great risk of being caught by town officials. It was hard for David to fit in with the society he lived in. The town could not tell that David was different but he knew his differences and that was hard for him to deal with, but he did. David faced his fears everyday because a new situation would arise and it would remind him and highlight his difference.

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