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the chrysailds

            In chapters four and five David is turning from a boy into a man. David is a very good person when it comes onto friendship. He's someone who you can depend on and stress. When Sophie was going away he was asked to stay at the house for the night which he did to help Sophie and her family. David gift is "telepathy". Not everybody is born with a special gift like David. It make's me wonder sometime in our modern day if people have unique gifts from God that other people don"t have. In chapter five David is facing tuff emotions against his father. Joseph Strorm is a very cruel heartless man. I wouldn't like to have a father like that. The fact that David cannot explain him self is foolish. If I was a father I would love to have a son to talk with if he was having problems I wouldn't just get directly to the point by saying "go to your room", or by beating him. I would want my son to stress me and talk to me when he has a problem. His father isn't that type of person. I would feel scared to ever talk to my father if that was how he would react. I'm blessed that I never will have to live in a country where if your different you will get killed, becuase as I understand life in the bible God made everyone different and we are so post to be dissimilar. i"m glad to live in Canada also known as a "free world" everybody can be themselves and not have to worry about being killed. i feel sorry for Sophie that she has to go away because Alan Ervin found out that she had six toes. in their country {even through its Science-fiction) i do not find that they should call people who are different a "blasphemy" and is not part of God's work.

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