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Barbara Walters

            Barbara Walters, she is what I would call the inventor of the interview.
             not created it she has surely changed and perfected it. She frankly asks questions, and gets the.
             answers you have been dying to here. Wether you find her boring or not, I know everyone has.
             tuned into one of her many TV appearances at least once.
             Barbara Walters was born September 25 1931, in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was.
             Louis Edward Walters and her mother was Dena Selett Walters. Her brother, Burton, died of.
             pneumonia and her sister, Jacquilene, was mentally retarded. Her parents were involved in the.
             nightclub business. Barbara moved a lot as a child so she had few friends and only her sister to.
             play with. She started the first grade in Brookline in Massachusetts and later schools were in.
             New York, Fieldston, and Birch Wathen. She got an B.A. degree at Sarah Lawrence College in.
             Riverdale. She was great at English, Dramatics, and Creative Writing (Carroll).
             Barbara started off on her own and got a job for a New York advertising agency. Then.
             she was hired for the "Today" show in 1961. About the same time she also hosted "Not for.
             Women Only." While on the "Today" show she interviewed presidents as well as Anwar Sadat,.
             Muammer Quaddafi, and Fidel Castro. After Frank McGee died she became co-host of "Today".
             She had a position never held by a women (Davison).
             Barbara Walters effectively gets answers by using direct questioning . Walters described.
             her effective interview style in How to Talk with Practically Anybody About Practically Anything.
             (1970) (Davison).
             She went on to the "ABC Evening News" in 1976. later she went to work on 20/20.
             Walters was particularly known for her interviews with world notables (Carroll). She obtained.
             several exclusive interviews for her popular Barbara Walters Specials, which premiered in 1976.
             (Davison). The Barbara Walters Specials are continuously the top-rated specials of the year.
             Among those she interviewed recently were Demi Moore, Heather Locklear, Kelsey Grammer,.

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