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            a truly Canadian sport invented by T.
             the walker was patented by Norm Rolston in 1986 .
             the infomercial exercise darling invented by Dennis Colonello in 1984 .
             AC Radio Tube .invented by Edward Samuels Rogers in 1925 .
             Acetylene .Thomas L. Wilson invented the production process in 1892 .
             Acetylene Buoy .invented by Thomas L. Wilson in 1904 .
             Agrifoam Crop Cold Protector .co-invented in 1967 by D. Siminovitch & J. W. Butler .
             Analytical Plotter .a 3d map making system invented by Uno Vilho Helava in 1957 .
             Andromonon .a 3 wheeled vehicle invented in 1851 by Thomas Turnbull .
             Anti-Gravity Suit .invented by Wilbur Rounding Franks in 1941, a suit for high altitude jet pilots .
             Automatic .the first steam foghorn was invented by Robert Foulis in 1859 .
             Automatic Machinery Lubricator .one of the many inventions invented by Elijah McCoy, the "Real McCoy" .
             Automatic Postal Sorter .in 1957, Maurice Levy invented a postal sorter that could handle 200,000 letters an hour .
             Basketball .invented by James Naismith in 1891 .
             Bone Marrow Compatibility Test .invented by Barbara Bain in 1960 .
             Bromine .a process to extract was invented by Herbert Henry Dow in 1890 .
             Calcium Carbide .in 1892, Thomas Leopold Willson invented a process for Calcium Carbide .
             Canada Dry Ginger Ale .invented in 1907 by John A. McLaughlin .
             Chocolate Nut Bar .Arthur Ganong made the first nickel bar in 1910 .
             Computerized Braille .invented by Roland Galarneau in 1972 .
             Creed Telegraph System .in 1900, Fredrick Creed invented a way to convert Morse Code to text .
             Compound Steam Engine .invented by Benjamin Franklin Tibbetts in 1842 .
             Electric Car Heater .Thomas Ahearn invented the first electric car heater in 1890 .
             Electric Cooking Range .Thomas Ahearn invented the first in 1882 .
             Electric Light Bulb .Henry Woodward invented the electric light bulb in 1874 and sold the patent to Thomas Edison .
             Electron Microscope .Eli Franklin Burton, Cecil Hall, James Hillier, Albert Prebus co-invented the electron microscope in 1937 .

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