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What the Hey is a "telescope"?

            Galileo is the inventor of the telescope. That is totally untrue; the fact is that the telescope was invented in Holland by a lenses maker who got the idea from placing two lenses together. It's unclear on who invented it but we know for sure that it was someone in Holland. The truth of the matter is that Galileo is a fraud! He clames that he invented the telescope but in fact he discovered it in a letter with a diagram structure and decided to build one of his own. After he built "his" telescope he tried to sell his product to successful business men and he claimed that they would know who owned it and therefore would know its cargo. This would give them crucial market knowledge hours ahead of their competitors. The only credit you can give Galileo is that he had the knowledge to turn his telescope towards the sky and discover that there is much more than just looking for things on earth. He discovered something that would change the scientific perspective of science for ever. Galileo then "got smart" said an animus royalty. He then started to record his observations of the viewings and published them into a book. When he was 70 and after a new pope took over, all of Galileo's findings and observations were condemned and he had to go to Rome to meet with the pope to answer why he did all this. After the agonizing torture Galileo then decided to sign the confession and recanted his teachings. He was then placed on house arrest for the few years he had left he had spent it in a insolated house and was banned for seeing any friends or family. .

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