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Leaving the Fast Lane For No Lane At All

             Leaving the Fast Lane for No Lane at All.
             In the spring the family moved, with great thrill and excitement, from a populated Vancouver suburb to a picture perfect town on the easter edge of B.C., population 3,000. .
             For many years the reasons for leaving just kept adding up, the growing population density, with all its problems to go with it, such as, trafic and pollution; a hope of shielding our children from the "junk culture" that snarls everywhere, with there heads straight up in the air; much better access to outdoor recreation.
             With all these good things, it still wasn't easy to just get up and go. With many months of thinking about it, ideas going through their heads, money issues, nest eggs, the 23 seprate driving trip. Come Monday morning they put their house up for sale.
             Since they left vancouver they discovered many great new changes, none of the kids bikes a school need locks due to theft, and all the people still hand out homemade goodies to trick-or-treaters, but the greatest factor that has bettered their lives is that there not spending there whole lives in the van. Unlike Vancouver, entire days go by before they even need to step foot in their van. .
             The children have a lot more playing time. No more sitting in the van for hours, they don't have to beg for rides to anywhere, or even listen to their parents complain about their busy schedules. All the acctivities that the children do, the parents do not need to be around to drive them anywhere, they are in walking distance to school now, thir friends, music lessons and to sport games. With all these major changes, the whole family is been in a much better mood.
             The financial benefits are great as well. In Vancouver they had to pay around $300 a moneth t o buy gas for their van and other car. In the new town, they only have to pay around $75 a month for gas. Insurance is also a lot cheaper, saving themselves $450 a month.

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