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Sex and the City Feminist essay

             Sex and the City is a show where the main characters are four independent and successful women who are looking for equality in a world that has been taken over by men. These women do not need men to help them at all. These four women meet everyday to discuss their man problems and talk about other things that men cannot do. Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie are always looking for a man who can fulfill their needs. Samantha is a woman who does not stick to one man, she loves to play the field and have a good time with rich men. Carrie wants to look for a man that can provide her with the things she needs, like affection and trust. Miranda does not believe in the perfect relationship and she thinks that all men are scum and they do not deserve to live. She acts like a man when it comes to sex. She loves to have sex and does not care about having a relationship with these men. Charlotte is a believer in fairy tale relationships. She believes that there is a perfect soul mate for everyone in the world. She wants that relationship with a man where she is treated like a princess. This show should get the approval of feminist because the women are so successful and no other show on television represents successful women without the need of men. However, the show is a little bit more anti-feminist because the women become weak and let the men in their life take control of them. The only thing that feminist can relate to is that the show is promoting women trying to make it in a male dominant world. The things these women do on the show can be offensive to women viewers. .
             In the episode, "The Man, The Myth, The Viagra", Miranda goes out on a date with a man to a comedy club and as he is in the restroom, she encounters a phone call that she should not have answered because it was her dates" wife. She swore off relationships and hates the fact that she cannot come across a good long-lasting relationship.

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