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kate chopin's the awakening

            Kate Chopin's The Awakening, is a memorable story of one woman's quest for self happiness and strength. She goes against all odds in fulfilling herself and realizes that sometimes it is better to put your needs in front of the societies. Living her life to the fullest, she dies knowing that in her heart, she did the right thing and is in a way proud of her accomplishments. She dies with the burden of fear from knowing what she did was morally wrong. .
             Kate Chopin was an incredible woman. Most recognized for her unbelievable writing capabilities, she succeeded in many other areas as well. She was known as a "domestic goddess". She was born Katherine O" Flaherety in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 8th1851. Born into a Creole family, her heritage was a huge part of her life. Her mother Eliza Faris, came from an aristocratic French Creole family, and her father, Thomas O" Flaherety was an Irish immigrant whom worked very hard and became prosperous before his early and unexpected death in a horrific train accident. She was raised by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who were all French Creole descendants. She spent time with her French Creole grandmother, due to the fact that they both an interest in musical arts and reading in both English and French. She was brought up to be a proper Southern young woman and was taught to support the confederacy at a young age. Although she spent most of her life in New Orleans, she is well known for her stories of Louisiana and her Cajun and Creole life. She enrolled in the catholic school Sacred Heart in 1864 and graduated in 1868. She was married the same year of her graduation at the age of 19 to a Creole cotton trader, Oscar Chopin. She was viewed by society at her young age as being beautiful, fun intelligent and clever. She and her family lived in a typical New Orleans home. In 1879, Oscar's business failed, and the family moved to a Louisiana plantation called Nachitoches.

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