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human sexuality

            I decided to discuss this issue with my priest. Though I was a bit uncomfortable, there was noone better than him who could answer the religious view on .
             premarital sex. The following statements are my interpretations of his and the Church's .
             beliefs. .
             The Church does not believe that sex is dirty. The Church believes that sex is .
             sacred. It is intimately tied to the dignity of the human person, and that respect for sex .
             means respect for the human person. The Church's teaching on human sexuality can be .
             distilled down to one simple concept: sex has a meaning. It's not a random act performed .
             by the body, with no attachment whatsoever to the soul or the psyche or our emotional or .
             spiritual selves. It is a complete and total gift of self, man to woman and woman to man. .
             It is the act that brings new life into the world. The love of a man and woman, their self-.
             gift, is so real that it becomes someone. .
             It sounds so beautiful, but I do not believe that you have to be married to be able to .
             feel this way for another person. The most intense way we relate to another person is .
             sexually. Nothing so concentrates the mind about what will happen next, occasional .
             reliefs, sudden surprises, dangers and risks, all in a sequence of heightened attention and .
             tension that reaches toward resolution. Only in sex is such intense excitement shared with .
             the object and cause of it. The excitement comes largely in how we interpret the situation .
             and how we perceive the connection to the other. .
             It is not surprising that profound emotions are awakened and experienced in sex. .
             The trust involved in showing our own pleasures, the vulnerability in letting another give .
             us these and guide them. In the arena of sex, our very strongest emotions are expressed. .
             These emotions are not always tender and loving, though sometimes, perhaps often, they .
             are. Such strong emotions bring equally strong ones, excited and exciting, in response.

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