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Views On God And Human Sexuality

            It is hard to think that God and Human Sexuality have anything to do with each other because of the dichotomy between the soul and the body that has been clearly defined by centuries of Western philosophy and theology. The goodness of the soul and the badness of the flesh still remain a significant notion in contemporary thought. In my point of view "sex" is simply one of the many basic needs of the human body, and the one thing that can and is linked to God is the human "soul or spirit.".
             Throughout history there has always been a battle between the body and the spirit or soul. Socrates and Plato thought that the soul was the essence of selfhood of a human being, and that it contains within itself the divine spark of ultimate good. For them the most important activity in which humans can engage is the "care of the soul." The body is thought of as a prison for the soul, a temporal and ephemeral reality that it's meant to prepare the soul for it's proper intellectual salvation, which will come with death, the final liberation of the soul from the prison of the body.
             As human beings we have needs that have to be fulfilled. If this needs are not fulfilled our body immediately manifest it's inconformity through pain sickness etc. The most basic needs are eating, drinking, sleeping, contact with other human beings, and going to the bathroom. Sex is another thing that our body needs. In school you always learn about the first five needs. It was never said that sex was one them, but in my opinion sex is one of the most important needs because it is not only a way to procreate and keep the "Homo Sapiens" alive, but it is also a way to know your partner(s) as you know yourself, and it also helps to relieve stress.
             The soul on the other hand has no "physical needs." It will never manifests its inconformity. The "care of the soul" is a mystery that cannot be explained in organic or physical terms.

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