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Homosexuality and Spirituality

             From childhood to old age, people are sexual beings. Sexuality is a major roll in the way we relate to one another in society. Some people believe that we are born with a sexual preference to either be homosexual or heterosexual. The homosexuality presentation confronted these sexual preferences and discussed the effects on the religious community. Like society, the religious community is broad in its views on homosexuality. Many religious followers disagree and look down upon the gay community. They believe it is unnatural and that the individuals who are gay are going against God and the bible. The Presbyterian Church is biased against homosexuality. Gay and lesbian people do not have the right to uphold certain positions in the church. This means they are not allowed to teach people the gospel due to their sexual preference. Furthermore, homosexuals within the Presbyterian religion are not allowed to married by the church. Same sex marriages are immoral and are considered unnatural. .
             Concurring with the Presbyterian views, Methodist and Lutheran churches maintain the same opinion. Both churches do not allow gays and lesbians to uphold jobs nor marry within the church. These barriers limit important aspects of a person's life and make it difficult to cope with their decision on sexuality. Furthermore, these barriers also limit a person's social life. Not being able to be married makes their relationship appear awkward to society. Gay and lesbian people find it harder to fit-in socially once they have announced they are homosexual. With the church looking down on their decision, people within the church also begin to look down on them making the church and uncomfortable atmosphere. .
             However, other denominations such as Episcopal, Quaker, and Unitarian share different views on homosexuality. Their interpretation of the bible is different from others in the religious community.

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