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The Slave Trade

            About 500 years ago the Portuguese started trading with African kings for slaves. At this point, the Portuguese didn't know what they were starting. This later led to the international slave trade between three continents; Africa, Europe and the Americas. Over this time span 10million Africans were brought over to The Americas to harvest fields and perform mostly agricultural work. The Slave Trade had a very positive affect on Europe and the Americas whereas conversely it was extremely negative on Africa. .
             Europe was into slave trading for over three centuries. Money from slave trading eventually accumulated and was invested to enhance the economics of Europe. The slave traders made large amounts of money. Many wise men in Europe believed that all the money from the slave trade helped in the Industrial Revolution. Also some scholars believed that it was a risky venture that European companies lost large amounts of money pursuing it. But for the most part participating in the slave trade was a smarter thing to do for money in that time; the chances of being successful outnumbered the troubles business. .
             The Americas greatly benefited off Africa economically during the slave trade. When the slaves came over to The Americas they were right away put to work on the fields. This was so helpful for the farmers because they got free labor from a bunch of hard working slaves. They provided the plantation owned with some unique trades and skills. Also they can with stand extreme tropical heat which was good for working on the hot fields all daylong. To this day some people still say that our countrie's economy was based on the hard work of our slaves. .
             The Slave Trade had a very terrible affect on Africa's population and society. Over 10 million Africans died or were transported from the original homes to other countries during this time. When the traders would trade with the king they would always look for the youngest, strongest, hardworking males, they were known as the creme of the crop.

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