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Deadly Risk on the Straits

             "Deadly Risk on the Straits of Turkey-.
             POLS 384, Environmental Planning and Management.
             Oil Needs of the Black Sea States Table .
             6. Important accidents and collisions in the past .
             7. Independentza collision pictures .
             8. Nassia/Shipbroker accident pictures .
             9. 2000 yÝlÝ sonu itibariyle Ã"stanbul ve Çanakkaledeki BatÝk SayÝsÝ .
             Table .
             10. Ã"stanbul BoazÝndaki BatÝklar Table.
             11. Çanakkale BoazÝndaki BatÝklar Table.
             12. Enviromental Study.
             13. Solutions .
             14. The Caspion Oil Presents Challenge to the Straits article.
             16. Appendix.
             Marmara Region (Figure 1 and 2) is an important coastal settlement in Turkey with rapidly increasing population and industrial activities. Being enclosed by this most industrialized region in Turkey, the Sea of Marmara and the Turkish Straits are subject to intensive navigation activity. With the recent increases in sea traffic, these waterways have become a prime site for oil spill pollution. In the Marmara Region, nearly 450 sea accidents have been reported within the last forty years. Some of these accidents resulted in historic oil spills with severe impacts on the environment. The present study will focus on the environmental issues on the straits with the help of the historical, economical and the political issues lying at the background and the accidents happened throughout the past years as the examples of the environmental destruction and the enormous threat Marmara Region is facing. .
             Figure 1.
             Figure 2.
             HISTORICAL STUDY:.
             To begin with the studies, the straits in Turkey are; Istanbul Strait (Bosphorous), Sea of Marmara and Çanakkale strait (Dardenels). Turkish straits system is a formation of a water route through Bosphorous, the sea of Marmara and the Dardenels.

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