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Risk Assesment

            INTRODUCTION: In every aspect of our lives, there are risks. There are risks when we wake up in the morning, get in the shower, get dressed, and get in our cars to go to school or work. We do not live in a perfectly safe society and no matter how hard we try to avoid risk, we can never completely evade it. In this lab, though basic illustrating concepts, we will discuss how risk can be determined by assessing the outcomes of normal activities and also how we as humans perceive risks around us. A risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination of what could cause harm to people so you can weigh up whether or not you've taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. The important thing is that you need to decide whether or not the hazard is significant enough to warrant preventative measures. For instance, electricity can kill but the possibility of that occurring an office environment is relatively low. Some common steps in risk assessment would be: (1) Look for hazards (2) Decide who might be harmed and how (3) Evaluate the risks and decide whether the existing precautions are adequate or are in need of reform (4) Record findings and review with authorized personnel. We as humans have the tendency to always want to look for the worst in every situation. There is also a common idea that any risk is too much risk. We live in a time where general, everyday risks have greatly been reduced thanks to creative inventors, technology, and protecting government standards. But the fact remains that risk cannot be eliminated, only decreased. Assessing public risks is a delicate process. One of the most important aspects of determining the risks is the amount and quality of information and data that exists to allow for objective decisions of the significance of any given risk. For example, we would easily be frightened to hear of certain concentrations of a deadly substances appearing in our food or drinking water without knowing the toxicity levels of those substances and how the occur naturally.

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