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Risk Assesment Analysis

             The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Army's "Risk Management- program as it pertains to accident prevention at 2nd Aviation.
             A risk exposure is the possibility of loss or injury because of some peril or cause of a loss. Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling human and physical resources in order to achieve the organization's objectives and goals. Therefore, risk management, by definition, is the management process of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling an organization's resources to minimize the possibility of loss or injury from various sources. Simply stated, risk management is the process of identifying and controlling an organization's losses.
             The Sub-problems.
             The first sub-problem was to determine what the current risk management program at 2nd Aviation consists of.
             The second sub-problem was to validate and verify if all personnel had received risk management training.
             The third sub-problem was to determine the effectiveness of the training. .
             The Hypothesis.
             The first hypothesis was that all personnel on 2nd Aviation had received adequate Risk Management training.
             The second hypothesis was that personnel were willing participants of the Risk Management process.
             The third hypothesis was that the Risk Management process was effecting a reduction in the accident rate at 2nd Aviation.
             Importance of the Study.
             Every organization, no matter how large or small, inherently possesses exposure to risk. A comprehensive risk management program requires a significant commitment of time and resources by the organization. The "costs- of this commitment can be fully mitigated however, by the direct results of the risk management program. However, no matter how much commitment an organization may have in implementing a comprehensive risk management program it does little good if the training and proper concepts are not being received and implemented by the personnel within the organization.

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