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pride & prejudice vs sense & s

             In the two novels Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice their are .
             many similar themes such as the importance of love and marriage, the way the .
             characters relate in some way to the title of the books, and the similar themes of .
             both novels. These similarities are common throughout both of Jane Austen's .
             novels. In Sense and Sensibility Mr. Dashwood dies leaving his money to his first .
             wife's son , his second wife and daughters are left with little money and no .
             permanent home. The Dashwood's are invited to stay with distant relatives, Elinor .
             is sad to leave because she has become closely attached to Mr. Ferras, however .
             once she moves she meets many other men, Marianne falls for John Willoughby .
             who then annouunces he must go to London, leaving Marianne love sick and .
             miserable. Elinor then meets Lucy who reveals that she is engaged to Mr. Ferras .
             and has been secretly for the last year. Elinor is shocked to hear this. In volume 2 .
             Elinor and Marianne travel to London. Elinor is informed that everyone is talking .
             about the engagement of her sister to Willoughby, he denies this and sends her a .
             letter saying that he never had feelings for her. While Marianne is in Cleveland she .
             becomes very ill, Willoughby goes to visit her in hope of forgiveness. But .
             Marianne realizes she could never have been happy with him. The Dashwood's .
             learn from a servant that Lucy is engaged to Mr. Ferra's and they assume that it is .
             Edward, but soon Elinor finds out that it is Robert that the money hungry Lucy .
             decided to marry. Edward is finally free to propose. Not long after that proposal .
             Marianne and Colonel Brandon become engaged. In Pride and Prejudice, the .
             Bennet family has five unmarried girls, and Mrs. Bennet is desperate to marry .
             them off. After some time Mr. Darcy becomes increasingly more attracted to .
             Elizabeth. When Elizabeth and Jane return home they find Mr. Collins there, he is .
             the young clergy man who stands to inherit the property of the Bennet's.

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