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Robert Browning My Last Duches

             In the story "My Last Duchess- the Duke talks about his deceased wife. The reader might assume that the Duke killed his wife out of a fit of jealousy. He talks to a man about how much he hated his wife's attitude. This speech gives the Duke a possible motive for killing his wife. The Duke never comes out and admits to the murder. There are many clues to connect him to the murderer. Robert Browning, the author, uses foreshadowing, style, structure, and point of view to enforce the plot about a murder. .
             Browning uses foreshadowing to help the reader understand the motive of the Duke. The Duke tells us that the Duchess had "A heart "how shall I say? "too soon made glad- (21). This is a clue to show that the Duke was a very jealous man. He was very furious that his wife was too nice of a woman. He thought she was ungrateful. He shows this emotion when he says he feels " As if she ranked/ My gift of a nine-years-old name/ With anybody's gift- (33-34). The Duke didn't like the fact that she was kind to everybody. All these clues add up to the idea that the Duke was responsible for the duchess' murder.
             Browning has a unique use of style and structure that makes the poem more involving. The poem is written in a dramatic monologue style. The Duke makes a long statement about his feelings and ideas. A monologue involves the speech of one individual. The speech the Duke makes is very disturbing. The intriguing feeling the reader develops creates the dramatic tone. The style and structure of the poem emphasize the mysterious tone the author wanted to create.
             Browning's use of point of view calls attention to the plot of the story. The Duke's point of view helps the reader realize the man's intentions. The Duke intends to marry a new woman, and have more control over this woman. Throughout the poem the Duke proves to be the type of man that has to be in control. His control is displayed when he tells his guest that no one may draw "the curtain but I- (10).

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