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Justice (crucible)

            The notion of "justice" evokes many emotions and opinions. Does justice work for everyone? Or, is it theoretical system that can never function in our society? Our justice system has changed dramatically from the days of the capital punishment. There is upsurge of criminal rate and consequently the prisons are virtually flooded with offenders. These problems leave us with many questions on the effectiveness of "justice" and what is the true essence of "justice".
             Justice is defined as the quality of being just or fair. In Australia we are known to have superior justice system compared to the third world countries. Our justice judicial system is one of the most sophisticated and complex systems in the world today. It was designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of age, race, gender or religious belief. We have the right to be represented and trialed objectively in a court. .
             When a person commits a crime, he/she is taken to the court for their case to be heard. Here, the judge hands out a verdict; either guilty or not-guilty on the basis of the evidence, the judge's scale of justice and on the guidelines of our "Law". This is where we have drawback from perfect judicial equality. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the offender may be sent to jail sentence. It's the best possible solution our shallow society provides, a loophole from more in-depth and thorough ways to approach the case.
             Justice will never be effective as long as we (the public) have our own scales of justice. Justice is a package of morality, humanity and equality. In crime cases we look at these three broad factors. When you face justice, morality and humanity must have its turn. Many implications arise when a man commits a crime. We look into the morality factor, for example; the victim might have brutally abused his son and in anguish he could have committed the crime. From this, it is unfair to hold this man fully accountable for his wrongdoing.

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