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            TOPIC QUESTION: Discuss the key differences between an essentialist and social constructionist explanation of sexuality.
             Specified word limit margin: Between 1800 - 2200 words.
             Due date 24th May 2002.
             Referencing by Harvard Author/Date system.
             Explaining human behaviour has fascinated and intrigued theorists of Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology for centuries. Unraveling the mysteries surrounding human behaviour have instigated research and study from a broad range of disciplines associated with health and human sciences. Explanations or theories offered by science, psychology and sociology have produced varied perspectives on human behaviour. Comparisons between disciplines highlight the stark differences that each angle of observation can produce. As theoretical disciplines observe human behaviour and attempt to explain it, some notable contradictions and incompatibilities can emerge between theorists. The nature verses nurture debate has been a long standing source of tension between scientifically inclined theorists and socially inclined theorists (Jureidini & Poole 2000:14). Arguments about which factors are responsible for human behaviour emanate some highly contrasting theories. Thus making it difficult to judge just which factors actually do influence and control behaviour and of what priority level or of what percentage of importance such factors should be given (Jureidini & Poole 2000). .
             Sexual behaviour among humans, or sexuality, has been a topic of interest by theorists, both scientific and social. Although sociology has only taken an interest in sexuality since approximately the mid 20th century (Jureidini & Poole 2000), and science has studied the subject since the 18th century (Jarman 1970), an evident conflict between theoretical angles has become quite clear. .
             Traditionally, sociology has emphasised the study of Sex and Gender as two important and distinguishable subjects.

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