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Old Schedule

            Old Schedule! New Schedule! What to do?!.
             Woke up and went jogging for 30 minutes.
             This was the schedule of a current senior at JFK, who chose to remain anonymous, for almost 2 years. However, due to a new change in the school hours at JFK, this senior is having a hard time trying to alter her lifestyle to fit the new 9:00am to 4:00pm schedule in which almost every public high school on Guam is required to adopt. "I don't like it. I don't have time to play sports and concentrate on academics at the same time. Also, our lunch break is at 1:05 and [eating] that [late] is not exactly what you call healthy. We also have extremely long breaks and I feel that it's wasting our time," said the senior. Not only are the seniors unhappy about this new change, several freshmens feel that they are being cheated out of something they thought would have been theirs once they entered into JFK, which is the opportunity to get out of school everyday at 12:45 so that they could do whatever they want afterwards. "I like the old [schedule] better. The lunch line is way too long, and even the teachers like the old one better. I thought that I could get out of school at 12:45 once I enrolled in JFK, but because of this new schedule I can't. If Southern High can get off early why can't we?" says Annie Lai, a freshmen at JFK. It is evident that many students at JFK are dissatisfied with this new schedule, but what about the authorities? What are their excuses or reasons for implementing this schedule in the first place?.
             "Our school adopted this new schedule not only to accommodate for the limited number of buses circulating around Guam, but also because there was this study done by these psychologists in the US, which showed that students perform much better during the later part of the day rather than in the early morning. So in other words, we are trying to improve the quality of the education at JFK through this new schedule, and we hope it works out," said Mr.

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