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music schools in ontario

            This project has given me a lot of information about three different careers that I have had an interest in. I have found out the cost and marks needed to get into these programs and how many spots are available. The three careers that I have picked are recording engineer, military police officer and software engineer. .
             Recording Engineer.
             Recording engineers, record the work of musicians to produce great-sounding CDs. They"re about 6,150 people work as audio- and video-recording technicians in Canada. Your ears are the most important part of this career. A technical college program and musical ability are required. Recording engineers will be there to make sure the sound is the highest quality it can be. .
             Type of work Recording Engineer execute .
             Recording engineers, sometimes known as recording technicians, are masters of the soundboard. That means more than fiddling with the treble and bass on your home stereo: these professionals alter the sound (tone and clarity) of each instrument. These music industry professionals can add effects such as echoes and delays. They can make acoustic instruments sound even more natural, or heavy metal even more metallic. They can even add special sound effects to the music. It's like playing another instrument all together. .
             People in this field need to understand music, and love it too. That means learning an instrument, even if you can't play it beautifully. Learning how to read music is another lesson. But even once you've mastered that, there's one more crucial element for the successful recording engineer, personality. The way your feeling when producing, that feeling will come out in the song.
             Recording technicians must be able to use electronic equipment, so they need to have good manual dexterity to work with all the switches, knobs and dials. These people need an aptitude for working with electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and equipment. .
             Collage with the Recording Engineer program.

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