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            There are barrages of advantages to self-pleasure. The health advantages that I found while doing research astonished me. The first one I came across was that masturbation often leads to relaxed sleeping conditions, which allows one's body to sleep deeper and it makes it easier to fall asleep. Also, if one masturbates, then undesirable pregnancies and abortions are avoided. This would solve many population problems in third world countries where abortions are too expensive to be performed. .
             Masturbation has also imposed some advantages in the relationship spectrum as well. Masturbation eliminates all urges to have intercourse before both partners are completely ready; it would turn intercourse again into something that expresses love, not lust. Another positive, at least relationship wise, is that self-pleasure usually brings about better attitudes to not only themselves, but to their partners and others.
             Emotions determine the mood and attitude of the person. If one is upset, then he may be in a bad or snippy mood, and have a bad attitude. Masturbation usually bestows happy emotions on the person, therefore causing a good mood and attitude of the person. When someone has few pleasures and enjoyable moments in their life, they can resort to masturbation as a way to brighten their day. Masturbation can also serve as a distraction for people to take their mind of things for a short while; sometimes people need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. .
             The last advantage that I would like to bring to the table is one that would save many people, especially females, from living in fear. If people resorted to masturbation, there would be less urges for rape. Think about it, the reason people commit such an act is because they feel some sort of need for pleasure, and they feel that the only way to get such a pleasure is to force another to help them in this matter.

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