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Serial Killer

            Serial killers are people who kill more than two people with a cool off period between them. Serial killers come from many backgrounds but the most common is their childhood development from the time of birth Some serial killers have been abused or put up for adoption and the fact their killer instincts developed from years of neglect. Serial killers like David Berkowitz, Jerry Brudos, and Ted Bundy killed women for revenge, to feel power or just for pure enjoyment. Their backgrounds point out how they became serial killers and what led to their first kill.
             David Berkowitz.
             David Berkowitz was born on June 1, 1953. His father wanted to get rid of him as soon as his mother had given birth. He was put up for adoption and when he was a couple of days old he was adopted by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. They reversed the order of his given name and called him David, he would be their only child. He grew up a solitary child and got teased for being chubby. He was always big for his age and felt different and less attractive than his friends. All through his childhood he was uncomfortable with other people. His neighbors remember him as a nice-looking boy but with a violent behavior, a bully who assaulted neighborhood kids for no reason. He was hyperactive and very difficult for Pearl and Nathan to control. He was easily disturbed and his elementary teachers described him as a moody child. In 1960, he proved he was a smart child with a 118 in an IQ test, which was considered a superior level. When Berkowitz was twelve, he wanted to stop learning and became a pyromaniac. He would start small fires and set it off and repeat it as much as he wanted. He loved torturing animals and killing them, one of those animals was his mother's parakeet. Berkowitz was mentally devastated when his mother died of breast cancer in 1967. He felt both happy and sad in the years of her death because she was a pest and nagging him.

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