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Romeo and Juliet

             The story of Romeo and Juliet is a quest to achieve emotional satisfaction through romance. Every time they were together they acted as if they were not going to survive unless they could remain together from that moment on. Their foolish plans for immediate marriage had the reverse effects of what they intended. Had they taken a practical approach to their love, they might have been able to live long enough to enjoy it. .
             Romance swarmed around almost all of Romeo and Juliet's actions. .
             The fact that they fell in love at their first meeting shows how romantic these two people were. From then on everything they did was controlled by the strong emotions that were overflowing from within them. Romeo distanced himself from his own family and friends just to spend time with Juliet and plan their marriage. The thought of Romeo could not escape Juliet. Every minute that she was awake she dreamt of him. The way they rushed their marriage was extremely romantic as well as the plan for faking Juliet's death. The emotions Romeo and Juliet felt for each other moved in like a virus and took over their every synapse.
             The romantic proceedings of this love-struck couple left almost no time to think of a practical solution to their problems. They established their love for each other one night and got married the next day. The events that soon followed only added to the stress of the couple. Then the announcement of Paris and Juliet's upcoming marriage after the banishment of Romeo overwhelmed Juliet. She was so stressed to find a solution to her troubles that any suggestion appeared practical to her. All the major events that took place in such a short time period could only allow romantic and irrational decisions to be made.
             Romeo and Juliet were so blinded by love that they could not possibly think clearly. The immaturity of teenagers shows up well in the case of Romeo and Juliet. They believed that they had to have instant gratification by getting married as soon as they thought that they loved each other.

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