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             The discursive shift to the novel, "Grandmother and I", written by Helen E.
             Buckley, and illustrated by Jan Ormerod, aims to reposition the reader by use of.
             different perspectives and dialog to the base text, and by introducing.
             composition, or balance to illustrations that support the resistant reading. This.
             reading can only be resistant if the invited reading is justified; hence the following paragraph explains the reading practice involved in extracting meaning from the text. .
             "Different reading practices help produce different readings and subsequently re-writings, or transformations, of a base text", therefore by stating the invited reading was that there exists a special relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, the reading practise involved in extracting this is important. (Johnson, G. 2001, p.48) The reading is centred on family, and therefore its acceptance is largely dependent upon cultural ideology. Consequently, a world-context reading practice is employed for this book, as the text and illustrations put forward many cultural and ideological assumptions about relationships, such as the bond between grandmother and granddaughter, social customs like the purpose for other family members company, and age, as the grandmother is revealed to be always there for the child, unlike mum and dad who can sometimes be busy. .
             For the case of this children's literature, the illustrations also play a vital role in deriving meaning from the book. The illustrations work with the emotions of the central character and are therefore a tool employed to force the reader to accept the purposed ideologies. In scenes when the granddaughter is accompanied by the grandmother, warm welcoming colours such as different shades of yellows, reds and the dominant colour of peach is used. The peach colour itself does much more than creating a rosy atmosphere, as the colour is widely found in most entertainment rooms of a house where the family enjoy each others company, therefore many readers are able to relate to the mood created by the text and illustration.

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