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Missle Defense: A Necessary Evil?

            The defense of a nation has come a long way in the span of history. With military technology becoming ever more precise and devastating, creating an effective defense against these weapons is quite essential. When the English created the longbow in med-evil times it revolutionized the way war was fought. They found a way to attack their enemy from afar. The English's opponents were rendered defenseless against their barrage of arrows. With the longbow came the refinement of the shield, which gave opponents a chance to guard themselves. These advances are part of a patter that embodies the relationship between how warfare becomes less physical and more technological as time progresses. A thousand years later the arrows have developed into long-range missiles and the shields are now sophisticated tracking systems set up to destroy these missiles before they strike. Although we have been able to advance our means to destroy, this means that defending against these modern weapons has become ever more complicated. Recent attacks on the US have shown that many powerful organizations aim to do harm to the Untied States, so how do we assure our safety and freedom that we have enjoyed for so long?.
             Missiles have come a long way though out history. To be technical about it would be to say the first ballistic weapons would have to be rocks thrown through the air quite like how countries throw missiles, followed by spears and other primitive weaponry. With the invention of the catapult we see the mechanical aspect begin to come into play. The most significant early development though was Chinese with the invention of gunpowder. (4) They even went as far as incorporating explosives with missiles and creating the first multi-stage missile. Despite the Chinese being before their time, the first true long-range missile can be credited to the Nazis during WWII. With a range of up to 180 miles the Nazi's V-1 ballistic missiles were at first crude, but later refined (V-2) becoming impossible to defend.

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