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My Scariest Room

             The scariest room I have ever seen looked like a room that had been abandoned for years. As I walked up the crackling stairs, to the second floor of the old beaten down brown and white house, I came to a room. Slowly, I walked inside. The brown door that had yellow speckles where paint had chipped off closed behind me, left me standing in one of the most scariest rooms I have ever stepped foot in. In order to describe my scariest room, I am going to describe how the room smelled, felt, and sounded.
             The room not only looked scary, but smelled horrible. As I leisurely walked over to the bed to see what the black object was lying there, clouds of dust filled the air. The smell of old dust mixed with flying dust bunnies caused me to sneeze profusely. Getting closer to the black object, an aroma of dead fish filled my nose. The smells were so awful they cause my stomach to cringe.
             Suddenly, as my nose became used to the god-awful smells, a feeling of disgust overcame me. Looking around, I found dead animals scattered on the bed, floor, and dresser. The odors caused my stomach to turn in every which direction. Unable to stand it, I turned away. My curiosity caused me to open what was left of the closet door. Just then, spiders, coach roaches, and other creatures poured out by the dozen, letting out the worst stench one could possibly stand. Holding in my vomit, I slammed the closet door closed. It felt as if the walls were closing in on me when the quiet room turned into an uproarious room.
             The room sounded like a blaring stereo: from the bugs crawling and flying, to the crackling of the old wooden floors. All of a sudden, I heard a familiar noise. It was as if my teacher took her nails and scrapped them along the blackboard to get her students quiet. The sound of "ERRK" filled the air. It had came from the nearby window. Out of nowhere the huge branch went right through the dusty window, causing glass to shatter everywhere.

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