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Why Drugs Should be Legal

            It is my honest opinion that our nation would be better off if all illicit drugs were legal.
             think that drugs have a positive influence of the life of users in the vast majority of cases, however.
             I think that far more problems are created by making drugs illegal than those solved by outlawing.
             Everybody knows that the markup on drugs over the cost of production is extremely high. This.
             means that not only are addicts going to live a terrible depressed life, but are also going to spend.
             any money they have on the drug. In most cases stealing becomes common. Obviously, the.
             billions of dollars that are being spent on drugs are not going to charitable institutions. They are.
             going to drug dealers that will possibly use the money for horrendous things, such as terrorism. .
             The U.S. government acknowledges that fact in a recently started anti-drug ad campaign. .
             Since drugs can not legally be sold in any stores, they are sold by gangsters in the streets. These.
             type of people may not care about anybody but themselves, which is why drug deals can go.
             wrong, resulting in fights and gunfire. If drugs were sold in government regulated shops, which.
             would be under surveillance, this scenario would be much less likely. .
             4,000 people are arrested each day for selling or possessing drugs. Putting non violent dealers in.
             jail for as long as we do is unfair to the offender, and just means that there is a lucrative job.
             opening the dealer's area, not that the world has one less drug dealer. The government currently.
             spends around $20 billion per year to stop the use of drugs. That figure has doubled since 1990.
             with no decrease in use. This money could be put to much better use solving murders, robberies,.
             rapes, and terrorism. .
             The country needs to realize that drug use can not be stopped. People know that drugs are illegal,.
             which does nothing but encourage them. In all countries in Europe that have legalized marijuana.

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