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Should drugs be legal?

             Whenever this question is asked, various responses are always given. Some people believe that they should be illegal because of the harmful consequences, others believe that it's the individuals decision on whether or not they choose to use drugs. If drugs were legalized, it could have some beneficiary factors for everyone. If they were legal, there's still has to be some order on how the drugs are handled and it also brings up the question of moral judgement. .
             Everyone has the decision to smoke tobacco except the under eighteen age group. By tobacco being legal, this is just one of the many reasons why drugs should be legal. The public should be able to make the decision to take drugs, and by doing that, the public also chooses the consequences that come along with the drugs that they have chosen to take. Tobacco is a addictive drug that many people use to relieve stress from their lives, others use it because they have chosen to do so, and there's many other reasons except drugs can not be used because parts of society and the government have made it illegal. By doing this, they have taken certain rights away from Americans. .
             If drugs were legal, it may have some beneficiary factors that could affect everyone. Since drugs would be legal, drug crimes would go down. Less people would be shot over drugs because illegal drug trafficking would not be taking place. Since anyone would probably be able to pick up narcotics at a local pharmacy, less gang activity related to drugs would go down because they are available legally.
             Even though drugs would be legal, there is still going to be restrictions on the use of them. The same age requirements for tobacco will also be used for drugs. The fact is that the public would have to be eighteen in order to buy drugs. .
             Drugs being legal brings up the question of moral judgement. Is it morally correct for someone else (i.e.

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