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Should Drugs Be Legal?

            The debate about whether drugs should be legal or not has been a long one. Now, that we have jumped into the 21st century, one would assume questions like this would be easy to answer. Should we allow people to just take drugs at will, whether they be soft drugs like marijuana or hard drugs like cocaine? Because society has changed so much since prohibition and the like we could ask whether we have come far enough in time to just govern ourselves. Making drugs illegal only created larger problems. Overcrowding in our correctional system, more taxes spent on governing drug trafficking, and less focus on what could potentially be an even bigger problem. What the cause of drug use by so many Americans might be.
             I cannot honestly say that I believe drugs should be legal. I do see that drugs" being illegal criminalizes someone's choice to do drugs. So looking at a constitutional point of view, I say not. We pay in so many ways because drugs are illegal, such as taxes for law enforcement to chase drug dealers or overcrowded prisons for drug offenders. This in of itself seems a bit hypocritical, as many of the prisoners are using large amounts of drugs inside. We find our communities and schools over ridden by those making a buck selling the drugs that we as a society pretend to find so illicit. What is illegal; allowing someone who does so very little for our society, to reap benefits that are typically afforded only to the elite, or allowing soft drugs such as marijuana to be used by those who are knowledgeable enough to make that choice. Taking the balloon out of the sales by decriminalizing might increase use or buying the product initial, with sort of an on sale now type of idea. However, later might be decreased by the novelty effect wearing off and the lack of profit being made by the drug dealers or importers. How much money would we save by decriminalizing marijuana and the like? .

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