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Drugs should be legal

            Firstly I have to say that I think cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, Prozac, etc, have a bad effect on our health, but now, I am going to talk about illegal drugs.
             My view about this problem is that, governments should legalize this kind of illegal drugs. As a rule I personally believe in freedom and I think every one can do what they want and choose their lifestyle.
             Secondly, I would like to talk about a personal experience. When I was 15 I had to take a stand: do I take drugs or not? I am a peculiar person, I decided to look for all kind of information about drugs and one of my friends, who smokes cannabis which he cultivates at home, told me that I had to read a really interesting article about criminal gangs related to drugs and farmers in Colombia. The article was about Colombia but I suppose this sad case is the same everywhere. Well, the thing is that farmers in Colombia have to cultivate cocaine or cannabis plants because drug dealers in many cases kidnap their children and wives and if they don't do as ordered, mafias would kill their family. Apart from this horrible situation, they have lot of problems feeding themselves because they can't cultivate rice, maize, or crops for eating but only drugs. This is unfair. I said "I don't want to participate in this kind of business" after reading this article and I decided no to take drugs. The main thing is that if governments legalize this plight, this horrible conundrum would disappear and farmers would get honest money cultivating drugs or cultivating what they want and, what is more important, they would have a normal life.
             The last thing I would like to point is that it's well known there are a lot of legal medications which are terribly bad for our health, especially anti-depressants. One of my best friends earned her doctorate in Liverpool studying the effects caused by drugs to the brain and the resulting psychological problems they set off.

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