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            A Human Resource Perspective on Implementing the ADA.
             As a Human Resource manager, I think I would have a hard time staying on top of the rules and laws of ADA (Americans with Disability Act). I have not had much exposure or experience in dealing with people in this group, so I found this article very helpful in getting me educated on things concerning compliance with the ADA. There is a lot of information in this article to assist me in implementing an ADA plan in my organization. It gives guidelines to developing a plan and implementation of that plan.
             Some of the guidelines the article gives are to immerse oneself in ADA literature. This is obviously important to build an understanding of ADA. Secure support from top management. To accomplish this, you have to sell ADA to the president, CEO, and other top-level administrators. They need to understand how vitally important, besides legally required, ADA is for good business practices. Appoint a task force and/or hire a coordinator. Although not required by the ADA, this is a good thing to do so employees will have an internal starting point for compliant processes. Review policies, procedures, and forms. You want to accomplish this periodically because things change. You want to ensure your policies and procedures are in compliance, as well as forms, your company use. Review job descriptions prior to recruitment and posting of a job. It is important for the interviewer and the applicant to understand the essential functions of the job. This will help determine what accommodations are required and can or cannot be made. Develop budget requirements. The Job Accommodation Network has complied data to reinforce the issue that job accommodations are not as much as a headache as companies believe. Most disabled individuals possess these accommodations already. Develop a process for making accommodation and determining undue hardship.

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