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Story of an Hour

            In "The Story of an Hour," there was a "young, with a fair, calm face" woman refers as Mrs. Mallard who is Brently Mallard's wife. Later in the story she receives a message from her sister that her husband has died in a train wreck. She reacts with sadness at first, but then realizes in a rush of emotion and relief that she is "Free" Body and soul free!" She views the world with a fresh outlook-one where she will be her own person, answering only to herself. She is ready to begin this new life on her own. Evidently, her husband who was not in the train after all comes home. Then Mrs. Mallard, known as Louise after her husband's dies from heart failure on the spot.
             I was kind of confused when I first read the story, but after reading it twice, it all came down to one conclusion, I like it. It takes a couple of twists and turns that makes the ending ironic and unobvious. The ending of the story where Louise's husband did not die is what ties the story up so well. This wonderful story was so well written and descriptive that we can be Mrs. Mallard. "Delicious breath of rain," "notes of a distant song," "sparrows were twittering in the eaves" and Mrs. Mallard saying "Free, free, free," clearly tells me that there were also happy feelings about Brently's death hiding inside of Mrs. Mallard. Those were words of joy, a joy that causes a pain so great that killed her when she saw him walk through the door. Now I know an hour can ruin everything in ones life. .

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