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Iraq Leadership Rejects Ultimatum

            During this war, we ask ourselves over and over again, is the world safe. America is under extremely high security and is supposedly safer than ever. Ha, what a joke. .
             Well, What about other nations, are they safe? With the United States acting as The "Worlds Cop", some countries may feel safer than others. Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Odai Hussein, said that there is no safe place for America, inside Iraq or outside Iraq.
             Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri said that Bush should step down, "Because he made the U.S. hated and isolated in the world." He also said that Hussein's will reign forever. Well, it is becoming quite clear that this is not going to hold true. However, people are wondering if the world would be safer without George W. Bush.
             The only clear answer to this is NO! Iraq does posses weapons that they claim they never had. Like the Scuds. Well, It doesn't matter how many weapons they possess, they have weapons and are capable of launching an attack. When this war is over, they will not be capable of launching any kind of attacks. If President Bush had not acted on Iraq, then we would still be under the threat of terror.
             Furthermore, Iraq would be a threat to the world and the world would not be safe. Saddam Hussein would have never disarmed. If someone, like Al Gore had been president, then the Taliban would have never been taken out of power, and Iraq would have free rights to kill us all.
             Another dilemma that the U.S. looked at was that Saddam had lied about his weapons and disregarded all the ultimatums of the UN and the US. He refused time and time again to leave and disarm. .
             As any dumb fool can see, President Bush's decision to take military action in Iraq was the right one. It was necessary. President Bush is making the world safer. Thanks to Bush's war in Iraq, the world is safe from the threat of Iraq.
             Saddam Hussein is still alive. His has proved it by many appearances on Iraqi television.

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