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p.t barnum

             Phineas Taylor Barnum was possibly the greatest showman of the world.
             Barnum was born in a close knit town of dunsbury Connecticut. His mother was Irena Barnum and his father was Phino Barnum. He grew up as a farmer's boy and worked very hard. But one thing that broke the dullness of all that work was the fact that he grew up in a family of jokesters. He once received land when he was young, but the wonderful land as his family called it turned out to be a joke in its self. The land called ivy island was the worst piece of land that Barnum had ever laid eyes on. After this practical joke Barnum vowed to cheat every body he could. He soon was working in his father's store and quickly began to cheat the customers with phony furs and such. .
             Barnum soon befriended a girl by the name of Charity Hallet. He proposed to her in the summer of 1829. They picked up and moved to New York. They had their first born child on may 27 1833. .
             Barnum bought his first curiosity called Joice. She was supposedly the slave to George Washington. It had brought in 1,500 a week. .
             He finally started his own show when he realized that curiosities were his life. He hired people like signor Antoine, as a plate spinner and juggler. His show didn't last for long He disbanded the show in 1837.
             Carr 2.
             He soon started a show again and traveled around the U.S. and then went on to Europe. They show was welcomed and had a spectacular show. When he returned home from Europe he had a stroke. He spent most of his time at home reading books and such, until he fell sick again. And the next day he died. The date, Monday April 6 1892.
             Barnum was possibly considered the best showman on earth and was loved dearly by his friends and family. His second wife gave a report the Barnum had said that his last thoughts were of her. .

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