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Falun Gong

             In 1992, Li Hongzhi introduced a new form of religion, Falun Gong. It is rooted within a Buddha School, which has been practiced for thousands of years in the East. Falun Gong has not come to the attention of the West until fairy recently, and it is worthwhile to explore why the Chinese Government would go to such extremes to demolish this group. What started out as just another type of Qigong, escalated into being branded as an illegal organization, deemed a cult, and then considered a threat to the stability of the mainland Chinese Government. .
             In Falun Gong, one must cultivate what is known as Xinxing, to develop what is known as Gong, the energy of the universe, a physical entity that exists within the user, and expels negative energy from the user. If you have a high level of Gong, it can used to cure abnormalities within the range of their energy. This whole purpose is to become "One with the Universe" thus holding special powers.
             From, the beginning, Falun Gong was considered an illegal organization and the Chinese Government tolerated it and tried to control it with subtle tactics. Mao Zedong, founder of the Communist party, banned Qigong for it's superstitious and unscientific nature. After his death, the government tolerated it, though laws existed under which practitioners could still be persecuted. In the 1980's, Qigong masters became entrepreneurs and produced books and videotapes, promoting their versions of Qigong. Some masters became as regular as rock stars and some became swindlers, so the government decided to get the industry. Qigong masters had to be licensed and receive approval for the group, by the government, as well as register with the government. This started a long rival between two parties that did not want to lose the battle. To settle it, the government declared Falun Gong an illegal organization and persecution escalated to jail and detention sentences under the law.

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