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Sacco and Vanzetti

            Sacco and Vanzetti were not rightfully convicted of the crimes that they were accused of. The trials that were held for their cases were both stacked highly against them. The American Justice system failed in this particular case. It did not bring justice to these two individuals. The pressures and politics of this situation won out over serving true justice to all Americans.
             Sacco and Vanzetti did not have a chance at winning the trials they were in. There was no concrete evidence to convict them for either of the crimes. Vanzetti was convicted based on basically what witnesses had said. Going into the second trial he was a convicted felon. Judge Thayer who was excessively biased presided over both trials. The ballistic evidence was only that some of the bullets used could have come from one of their guns. When the police picked up Sacco and Vanzetti they were in a situation that would not give them any reason to be associated with either crime. They went to pick up Mike Boda's car from a garage. The garage owner identified the men and police pursued them from there. Because they were suspected anarchists they had a lot of trouble being completely honest with authorities. This did not help their defense because there was a strong anti-radical movement of the time. A Puerto Rican man in jail with Sacco wrote him a note that he was associated with the South Braintree crime. Judge Thayer would not allow an appeal. After numerous efforts to get an appeal the president of Harvard and a committee reviewed the case. They were found guilty and sentenced to death.
             Sacco and Vanzetti were not perfect American citizens. They were involved with some extremely taboo radical groups that were feared at the time. This did not make them murderers however. The prosecution had a weak case to begin with. Sacco and Vanzetti fit the mold of persons who could of commited this kind of crime. They were easy targets to convict.

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