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             Superstition has been around since ancient times and will inevitably continue to be apart of our world. Things we do everyday in our normal routines can have superstitious meaning. From the classics of “Friday the 13th” to infamous Bloody Mary, superstitions have become part of our daily lives. But where did they originate?.
             There are many different theories about the origin of the number 13 being an unlucky number. The earliest guess was a claim in ancient religion. Valhalla, the home of the gods, had only twelve guests at a feast and the 13th, the god of deceit, was always uninvited. Another religion believed that the number 13 started with witches. Covens, an assembly of witches, had twelve members, making the 13th seat for the appearance of the devil. For Christians, 13 was the number at the Last Supper when Judas betrayed Jesus.
             Many people believe in some animal superstitions. The black cat is famous for most. In Egyptian times, black cats were revered and also one of their goddesses took the form of the cat. But in post Christian times, black cats were considered evil for their association with witches. Ironically, some believe that a black cat walking towards you is considered lucky while one walking away from you is said to be stealing your luck from you. Some other animal superstitions are a lucky rabbit’s foot; it’s good luck to have a frog hop in your house; a lucky horseshoe; if you dream of a lizard, it means you have a secret enemy; and many others.
             The last one is the famous mirror. You have heard that if you break a mirror, you would receive seven years bad luck right? Well, there was a superstition that originated about 100 years ago about a woman named Mary. One day she had a terrible accident and her face was scratched so badly that she bled to death but her spirit could not rest. Bloody Mary, as she is called, roams the earth as an evil spirit.

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