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Billy Elliot

             The movie Billy Elliot by Steven Daldry, an important theme in the movie was gender expectations. This was an important theme in the movie because the whole movie was based on the facts of gender expectations. Also it showed the difficulties of the gender expectations had brought in our modern society.
             The theme of gender expectation was showed clearly in the movie of Billy Elliot. The story was based in 1948 in Durham where mining strike occurred against Magaret thatcher " the whole friggin worlds gonna be on the picket line tomorrow." Durham was a male dominant society boys grew up fast with any male. Durham had many traditions and one of them was boxing. So when Billy wanted to do ballet it was hard for Jacky(Billy's dad) to understand Billy. " Boys do boxing or wrestling not friggin ballet." He does not allow Billy to do ballet. However he reaches his dream by facing to the problems he had. Billy also shows us that sacrifice is the key to solving a problem. " But I don't want a childhood I wanna do ballet." Hw gives up his childhood to achieve his dream. A fair sacrifice.
             This theme was important because with out this theme the movie would have been aimless. There were three main characters in the movie of Billy Elliot Billy, Michael and Debbie. Billy was a boy who wanted to become a ballerina in a male dominant society. Michael was a boy who liked dressing up in dresses. Debbie was a girl who was the daughter of Billy's ballet teacher. She was expected to become a ballerina however she doesn't like ballet. We can tell this by her lack of concentration in doing ballet. "Shut up Debbie" "Focus Debbie." We are not told much about Michael or Debbie but Billy is shown thoroughly. Through this theme we see that gender expectations are just words and you can over come them if you believe in what you are doing,.
             There were many difficulties which Billy had to overcome. Due to Durham being a male dominant society.

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