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Pot Holes Problem in City Roads

             This letter is bring to your attention about the conditions that exists in our city roads, There are lots of pot holes in the side streets between Southern Ave and Patterson Ave. The pothole problem is very particular on midland road. The pot holes in this area appear as large craters and are expanding at every storm we have, it appears that all the side streets are being neglected for long time and it is about time for the authorities to take suitable action in dealing with the pothole problem. The pot holes are large enough causing innumerous problems like flat tires, suspension brake down, wheel alignment and braking system problem with the motorists. Most of the motorists and local residents are University of Memphis students who are dealing with this problem everyday with costly repairs and inconvenience. Please find enclosed along with this letter the photos of the pot holes and the survey letter petitioned by the local residents.
             I would like to take this opportunity in proposing solutions for this long neglected pot holes problem that we are facing everyday in our city streets. The solutions that I have proposed is based on three factors namely Cost Effectiveness, Practicality/Feasibility and Safety.
             Solution 1: Using a good quality patching compound in sealing pot holes.
             Solution 2: Consolidate pot holes area, dig up that area and apply a large patch so that recurring pot holes can be avoided in the future.
             Solution 3: Looking at the conditions of the road, it appears that the roads have not been laid in long time; I earnestly request your office to look into the records and determine the age of the roads, and if necessary apply a brand new road.
             Concluding, Solution 1 (Recommended Solution) would provide immediate solution to the problem by utilizing very low budget amount from the city administration. Considering budget crisis in city and state Solution 2 would provide fairly a good solution to the problem and in long term perspective we could avoid recurring pot holes problem.

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