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             In my opinion, "The Metamorphosis" is autobiographical of Franz Kafka's life. There are many reasons to believe that some of Franz Kafka's short stories reflect on his very own life. It clearly shows in his work. Franz Kafka grew up in an environment where there was family strain and social rejection which he experienced as a Jew in Prague. His thoughts on his Jewish heritage were very unsure. In his short stories you can see that some of his characters are punished or susceptible to punishment before they even do anything wrong. Some of Franz Kafka's characters are also comparable to his very own family. It seems as though, Franz Kafka's characters of father's are a mirror image of his own father. Franz Kafka's father was a very dominant man who made him feel very intimidated. Franz Kafka had a very tense relationship with his father which greatly affected his entire life. This is apparent in a letter he wrote to his father, which was later published as "Letter to his Father." Throughout many of his stories, especially "The Metamorphosis," we see how Franz Kafka portrays his own father into the personality of his characters. Franz Kafka's shows in "The Metamorphosis," through the character of Gregor Samsa, how his very own father extremely wounded him. .
             "The Metamorphosis" is mainly about a man's feeling of inferiority and loneliness. It is obvious that Gregor felt humiliated and degraded by his father just as Franz Kafka felt. It seems as though the father in "The Metamorphosis" is Franz Kafka's very own father. Both Franz Kafka and Gregor (the cockroach) experienced mental and emotional abuse. When Gregor dies, the whole family is pleased, and is able to enjoy life again. Gregor was convinced that if he died than everyone would be better off. This obviously reveals Franz Kafka's selflessness. It's even possible that his selflessness could be manifested in the way Gregor Samsa is seen by his family as the most hideous of all bugs, a huge cockroach.


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