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            The final aspect of this poem is the constant reference to the color green. Green is usually associated with jealously. It is possible that the Green Knight was jealous of the fame for Arthur's kingdom and how renowned his knights are. A stronger point of the color green is a conflict between Christianity and Paganism. The Christianity part is easy to notice with Arthur's kingdom. Gawain is faithful to God and constantly trying to push away sin. Paganism is often associated with the worship of nature, especially trees. Part of what is seen is the way the Green Knight might be an embodiment of nature. He is entirely green, like a plant, and arrives holding a holly bob, which is an evergreen; a common symbol of nature's survival through the winter. Also, the green chapel (which is covered in vines) is actually a burrow under ground that can be seen as both a place of natural worship and a symbol of the knight's link to earth. So the constant referral to green can be seen as a conflict between Christianity and Paganism. Since the scenes of Berilak's hunt and those with Gawain and the lady in the bedroom are the longest sections of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, it seems obvious we are mean to draw some kind of connection between them. The hunt being seen as a reflection of the occurrences in the bedroom, and each animal representing Gawain each day seems clear. Plus the color green being interpreted as a conflict between Christianity and Paganism is important part. .

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