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             For my English term paper we were instructed to choose a word and look it up in various different sources. These different sources include an unabridged dictionary, a thesaurus, Concordance to the Bible, Concordance to Shakespeare, Grangers Index to Poetry, Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, and the Oxford English Dictionary. After the research was complete, our task was to write the paper. However unlike most research papers we were to write about the research we had found and how. The word that I chose to write about is jealousy. After everybody had chose their word we went down to the library as a class and did some research. The sources were easily and quickly to find.
             Now after all of that hard work, the first thing that I looked my word up in was the unabridged dictionary. Here's what I found jealousy is a attitude or feeling toward something or someone. In the Thesaurus jealousy was stated as spiteful malice and resentment over another advantage. This was the most interesting thing that I found on my word. It gives a description on what jealousy means and how it's a feeling.
             The research overall for this wasn't really that difficult it was more on how to put the information together so that it made since. Some tasks were difficult in understanding how to look the word up in various sources and what to write down about it. Some things u needed and some things u didn't. I think that the hardest part was probably trying to find your word in a story overall. This was quite difficult for me because I didn't want to get something that was really long and yet not to short.
             Now to the sources that I have researched on, The first source is the unabridged dictionary by Merriam Webster. In this source I found out what the word means and how it is described as a feeling, jealousy is a attitude or feeling towards many things. The second source that I have used was the Merriam Webster Thesaurus in this source I found that jealousy is a spiteful malice and resentment over others advantage.

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