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Inductive Study on 1 Peter

             1 Peter was written in letter format and starts out like most of the other letters at the time. The author introduces himself as Peter and apostle of Jesus Christ and then goes on to address the letter to who it was intended for, God's elect who were scattered all over Asia minor. .
             After the introduction, the author goes on to give thanksgiving to God (1: 3-9). He speaks of the hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. He was gracious enough to give us a new birth through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Peter encourages us that our riches are being stored up in heaven and although we may suffer through grief in trials, it is only making us stronger in our faith and this deserves glory and honor in heaven. .
             The Thanksgiving and Praise to God really leads into the next section of reading, from 1 Pet 1:10 through 1 Pet 2:3, the author makes noticeable that we were saved by grace. During these few versus, the reader is reminded not to fall back into the easy lifestyle of ignorance we used to live before we were saved, but rather to only seek God and strive to be holy because he is holy. This section reminds us that we were saved not by perishable things such as Gold or Silver but that our salvation came from the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore we as Christians need to rid ourselves of any perishable lifestyles and desires and only crave Christ since everything else will fade away and he will always remain the same. Chapter 2: 4-10 goes on to inform the readers of how Christians are like the capstone to a builder, rejected by men but chosen by God and he will use that stone in the most important role of the Building. .
             The main body of the book comes in chapter 2:11 and goes all the way to 5:11. This section of 1 Peter deals with living such a good life that no one can accuse you of doing wrong. As Christians we need to be submissive to every kind of authority whether it be a political figure or a boss or our wives and husbands.

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