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Women At Point Zero

             "Women At Point Zero' is a story of a womans struggle to make it in what seems to be .
             The main character of this book is Firdaus; Firdaus is a woman who has stood on .
             her own since child birth and tries to find justice in a corrupt society. Her loveless childhood scarred .
             with mental and physical abuse is shared as well as her trip to prostitution which, sadly enough, .
             seems to be the only way for Firdaus to gain some sort of independence.
             Firdaus grew up in a very hypocrite society without any support. Instead of having .
             transformed her into a victim of society, all of her negative experiences have turned her into an .
             aggresor willing to stand up and fight for her rights. This book is the insight of a woman who sticks .
             to the only means of survival she knows.
             Fridaus is the minority in the community, she is the type of person you step on when you .
             walk down the street and don't ask if they are ok. Fridaus is to far down to come up, she was not .
             born into a wealthy family or a family with wealthy relatives, she was born in "poverty". It takes a .
             strong woman to overcome what she did and live older and twenty with the obstacles and torment .
             she experiences. .
             The community in which Firdaus lives in is one where basicly you are either rich or poor .
             there is no middle. Woman in this society are not at all capable of doing the things that men are able .
             to do. Firdaus is a woman with a lot of excess baggage who Nawal El Saadawi describes pretty well. .
             As you are reading this book you wonder when will her life change and she will become somebody .
             she is happy with, but the truth is she never reaches her potential. .
             This is the life of many women in these kind of societies. Here in America the women of our .
             society don't realize how well they have it compared to other lifestyles. The majority womem in .
             America who live like this have serious drug/alcohol problems while the women on the other side of .
             the world like Fridaus have no choice, either starve or have sex with the risk of getting AIDs.

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