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             Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" deals with events that demonstrate contrasts between good and evil, treason and honour. The supernatural element of the play provides a dilemma for Macbeth, which ultimately leads to his tragic down fall.
             In the opening scenes Shakespeare introduces Macbeth as a courageous soldier and a nobleman.
             "What he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won" Act 1 scene 2.
             Macbeth is thought of very highly and is pronounced Thane of Cawdor. I think Macbeth deserved this title, because he evidently showed great courage in battle, and was highly supported by his wife. In addition to this, he showed great loyalty and tremendous ambition.
             In the last scenes of Act 1 Shakespeare shows how a partner can influence a person when making decisions. Macbeth greatly loved his wife, L. Macbeth he displayed this firstly his actions and speech and secondly in the way he respected her thoughts and views. Macbeth was a loyal husband and a noble thane as opposed to the tragic mistakes he made such as killing to fulfil his ambitions.
             "O worthiest cousin" Act 1 scene 4.
             The king trusted Macbeth and the king tells him what a worthy Thane he is but Macbeth thinks it is just his duty. Some of Shakespeare's language is quite archaic. Shakespeare uses great characterisation he doesn't give each character a lengthy description, but from his writers" craft, we can grasp their good qualities and also their bad.
             One of Macbeth's traits is he was easily led astray, he might have appeared to be a strong character but L. Macbeth still managed to talk him into murder. L. Macbeth was very much in control, although it was visions that also influenced him.
             "Is this a dagger which I see before me- Act Scene.
             Just before Macbeth kills Duncan he sees a dagger in a vision. The dagger is leading him towards Duncan's chamber. I think the dagger made Macbeth nervous and distracted him and he is so caught up with the fact he has just committed a murder, he forgets the original plan.

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