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automobile polution

             In the past century, the automobile has come a far way from Henry Ford's Model T. In the United States there has always been a high demand for cars, and with that demand comes the need for speed, and a need to have the best. And that is what major automobile industries have been giving our society because they know that they can profit greatly from it. These industries know what sells and they take advantage of it. In order to improve automobiles so that they meet these needs of our society, automobile industries turn to technology. Technology is what has turned the Ford Model T into a Ford Mustang 5. Of course with this technology comes flaws. The biggest and most obvious flaw is pollution. Because of pollution, we find ourselves asking the question of whether this technology has helped our society more than it has hurt it. And now that we have identified the problem, how can it be fixed, and how will fixing the problem of automobile pollution affect society also? .
             II. Economic/Social Issue.
             Pollution is becoming a big problem in today's world. We are wrecking the earth day by day and automobiles are a very big part of that. As SUV's get more and more popular, the pollution just increases. This world has become a very selfish place and people think only about themselves. They don't care that we are ruining the earth and soon enough, this world will not be livable. But as long as the earth is fine for right now, no one really cares. .
             We like to put the blame on the business" saying that it is their fault, but they make what we will buy. As long as the demand for SUV's are so high, none of these car companies are gonna put much interest into the hybrid vehicles. It is up to the consumers to embrace this environmentally friendly way of living. Once the consumers allow change to take place, and put the value of life over their own possessions, we will be able to make the certain steps in cleaning up our planet.

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